What People Have To Say About Gate Motors Johannesburg.

Mr F. Phirin

Gate Motors Johannesburg has repaired my gate motor which was not fully functioning as expected. Gate Motor Johannesburg sent their contractors to repair my business workplace gate motor and they are still maintaining my gate motor.

Ms R. Silverton

Gate Motors Johannesburg has installed my custom made gate motor which allows me to enter my premises without me having to press the button but by the gate motor sensing my car at the gate. My gate motor has been designed to read license plates that I have already registered on my system to automatically open the gate and to regulate safety.

Mr T. Gooseman

Gate Motors Johannesburg has repaired my business workplace gate motor and has even delivered a better quality gate motor that can automatically open the gate anywhere around the workplace as long as my remote is sensed by my gate motor.

Mrs T. Mabunda

Gate Motors Johannesburg helped me at a time when I was finically unstable and was desperate for the betterment of security for my family. I was referred to a financial advisor who helped me with choosing a good quality gate motor at an affordable price.

Mrs N. Pinto

Gate Motors Johannesburg has helped me maintain my gate motor by regularly coming to inspect possible deviation that may be caused by external factors such as rain, heat and/or accidents.

Mrs R. Brown

Gate Motors Johannesburg has custom designed a gate motor which does not need electricity for it to function. On bad days like load shedding, my gate motor does not stuck and require us to open the gate ourselves. This has regulated safety in the workplace for staff members and customers.