Frequently Asked Questions at Gate Motors Johannesburg

Why do I need Gate Motors?

It is labor-saving to anyone with a property. At Gate Motors Johannesburg we have all the kits our customer’s desire, having your gate motor automatically serving you.

What about savings?

Gate motors are labor-saving, allowing you to automatically use our product at the best of your comfort. Our product is user-friendly and prudent with time, which guarantees safety.

How many clients have you helped?

We have helped over 500 house owners and over 100 business owners in the past ten years in our field.

What are your core values?

We are bound by what we say. We are frank and objective. We practice ethical behavior and customer satisfactory.

Why should I choose Gate Motors Johannesburg?

We are a company based on maintaining, repairing, installing and supporting gate motor services for many years now. Our products and services are better than our competitor’s. We stock customized quality products delivered to best impress our customers at all times.

How often do your clients complain?

We are less likely to receive complaints because we work with qualified and competent contractors trained to deliver services at the best of our customer interest.

What other types of Gate Motors do you guys do?

Other services include:

  • Single wing gate kits
  • Single underground gate kits
  • 5 bar wooden gate kits
  • 5 bar metal gate kits

How long does it take to install a Gate Motor?

We render services according to the request at hand. It depends on what the service is requested for. Particular parts of the installation have their own time consuming ratings.